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Managing My Account

How Do I Update My Personal Details?

If you login and click the Account link at the top and bottom of each page, you will be able to update your name, billing address, password and payment details. Feel free to update this information anytime.

For further assistance, please call the TrigsToGo customer service for your preferred location:

Eagle River: 715-479-6411
Minocqua: 715-356-9456
Rhinelander: 715-369-1470
Tomahawk: 715-453-2174

What Happens If I Forget My Password?

Can't remember your password? Just click the "Forgot Password" link found on the Login page. You will be asked to provide the email address associated with your account. Once this is confirmed, you will be emailed a link. Click the link to reset your password.

How Do I Update My Address?

Log in and click the My Account link in the dropdown menu. Under Addresses, you can edit your existing address, add one if none has been specified, or add additional addresses.

How Do I Add Or Remove A Payment Method?

Log in and click the My Account in the dropdown menu. Under Cards, you can delete an existing credit card by clicking Delete underneath the card or Add a Card to add a new one. You can also add a new payment method during checkout when you reach the Payment Information step.

Tax-Exempt Accounts
Trig's is happy to work with organizations who are tax-exempt and we invite you to set up an account for online purchases on the Trigs To Go e-commerce system with your reseller's certificate or tax-exempt status ID.  
How To Set Up Your Account As Tax Exempt
1. Establish your tax exempt status with our bookkeeping department. 
Please email, fax, or send a copy of your reseller's certificate or tax exempt status ID and the following information to: 
Attn:  Suzanne Stedl
Fax:  715-341-9000
USPS:  T.A. Solberg, Co., Inc., 420 Oneida Street, Minocqua, WI 54548
Please include: 
Name of the primary contact for the organization (First and Last Name)
Email address of the primary contact used in connection with the business
2. Once your certificate has been reviewed and approved based on state and local laws, we will reach out to you so you can create your online account and login. Once you have done this, we can configure it as tax-exempt.  If you have an account on our e-commerce platform at this time but need us to change its status to tax-exempt, please send all of the information referenced above and we will review, approve, and configure your current account as tax-exempt. 
3.  Please allow 1-2 days for us to review your email, certificate and to configure the account.  
If you have any questions, you may contact us.  
Tax Exempt Accounts & Purchase Exclusions

Please note your tax-exempt account will solely be for tax-exempt purchases related to the organization for which the account is established.  If you also place personal orders, we invite you to establish your own personal account for any residential or orders that are not tax-exempt.
Also, certain products are not tax-exempt pursuant to ordinances and/or statutes.  At this time, alcohol products (wine, spirits, beer) are not tax-exempt and therefore are not available for purchase within a tax-exempt account.
Returns & Inquiries

What Happens If A Product I Ordered Is Not Quite What I Wanted?

If a product ordered is not quite what you wanted, take the product along with your invoice to our supermarket store. They will exchange the item for you.  

What Should I Do If Any Products Are Missing From My Order?

First check that the invoice you received with the order and check if the items have been marked as supplied or not. If the items are shown as supplied, please call the TrigsToGo customer service for your preferred location:

Eagle River: 715-479-6411
Minocqua: 715-356-9456
Rhinelander: 715-369-1470
Tomahawk: 715-453-2174

What If I Have A Question About My Order Or A Billing Issue?

For further assistance, please call the TrigsToGo customer service for your preferred location:

Eagle River: 715-479-6411
Minocqua: 715-356-9456
Rhinelander: 715-369-1470
Tomahawk: 715-453-2174

Please refer to the contact us page for customer service opening hours.

Can I Amend My Order After I Have Checked Out?

To amend your order up to 24 hours before your delivery or collection window, please use our "Add To Last Order" or "Update Order" options:

1. To add items to your order, simply add them to your cart, hit Checkout and then Add To Last Order.

2. To make other changes, such as adjusting item quantities, removing items from order, and changing the delivery/pickup date and time, you can navigate to your order inside Order History and selecting Update Order on the bottom of the page. You will then be redirected to your shopping cart, which will contain all the items from your order. Once you make all the desired changes, scroll all the way down and hit Update Order again to finalize your changes.

Both of these options will only be available while your order is still in the "Received" status. Once the status changes to "Processing", you will no longer be able to add or change anything - at this time one of the store's Personal Shoppers is beginning to collect items for your order.


Can I Change My Pick Up Window After I Have Checked Out? Can I Cancel My Order?

You can change your delivery or pickup window by using the "Update Order" button found in your Order History.

You can also cancel your order by using the "Cancel Order" button found in your Order History.

Please note that both updating and canceling options are only available until the order begins processing in the store.

A refund will be processed for the amount charged to your credit or debit card.

Please note: Refunds may take between 3 & 5 business days to show back on your account. A cancellation fee may apply if you cancel your order after the cut off time and, if the cancellation is made on the day of delivery, we may charge you for the perishable products that were ordered.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.


Do You Charge A Fee To Click&Collect (Pickup) An Order?

Yes, there is a $12.99 fee for a Click&Collect (Pickup) order.

Shopping Online

Shopping Online

What Products Do You Offer?

We offer the freshest and most popular products and brands in our store locations and provide you with an online experience with a selection of products that matches your in-store experience.  This includes fresh meat, produce, and bakery and delicatessen lines. Some products may not be available, including very large items, tobacco and alcohol, hot food and gift cards.

How Do I Find Products?

The fastest way to find products is to use the Search Bar in the center of the white/top navigation bar. Alternatively, you can browse the Category List to find items by major product groupings. Look at the top of the list for your most regular items such as fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products.

Where Do I Find Products That Are On Special?

Our Weekly Ad specials can be found by clicking on 'Weekly Ad' in the red navigation bar.  You can view the weekly ad, and add items to your shopping cart directly from that view. If you prefer a 'grid view' click the link to the top right of the ad view and all filters for only specials are displayed at the left side. Specials are also displayed throughout the product listings, marked in red with "Sale." Specials may differ from those in store and limited quantities may apply.

Can I Use Coupons Online?

No. At this time, neither vendor nor store coupons can be used shopping on Trig's To Go.

How Do I Order Less Or More Than 1lb For Products Purchased By Weight?

To adjust the quantity and weight of the items you wish to purchase, adjust the Minus and Plus icons either side of the quantity box displayed below or next to each product, as well as the dropdown options located next to the product if one is present.

How Do I Shop From A Past Order?

You can log in, navigate to your Order History, select the order you would like to shop again and click "Start Re-Order" button. Your cart will then be loaded with items from your past order.

You can also click on the "Quick Reorder" button/option above the Login area. Once you are logged in, this will take you to My Favorites area where all items from your past orders will be displayed, with the most frequently purchased items on the first page. You can then add any items from that list directly to your shopping cart.

How Do I Know That The Fresh Foods I Order Really Are Fresh?

The fresh foods we supply you are selected directly off the shelves in our stores. Your Personal Shopper will select only the highest quality fresh foods available.

Fresh Guarantee

We are so confident in the freshness of your delivery, we will refund any items you are not totally satisfied with.

When Can I Place My Order?

Our online shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can place your order at any time.

How Far In Advance Can I Order?

You can order up to seven days in advance of your delivery or collection date.

What Does "Allow Substitutions" Mean?

By selecting to allow substitutions, you are letting your Personal Shopper know that if an item in your order is not available they can choose a similar item that is either a different size of the same product or a different brand.

Aside from selecting one of the Out Of Stock Products Options right before submitting your order, you can also be specific about the type of substitutions allowed by leaving a short note next to each product in your cart. For instance, if you have selected a Cadbury chocolate block you could specify that your shopper "Only substitute for Nestle".

If I "Allow Substitutions" What Price Will I Be Charged For Items That Have Been Substituted?

If a requested product is not available and substitution is allowed, your Personal Shopper will try to substitute the original with a similar product of equal or higher value. You will be charged the current price of the substituted item. 

If such a product is not available, your Shopper will substitute a product with a lower value if one is available. Your order will be updated to reflect the lower cost.

How Do I Change My Preference To Allow Substitutions Or Not?

You can change your preference for substitution in the "Out Of Stock Products Options" located right before the "Submit Order" button, as well as navigate to your shopping cart and leave precise instructions by each item individually. 

I Think That I Have Accidentally Sent My Order Twice, How Can I Check That I Haven't?

Log in and click the Order History link in the dropdown menu to view your past orders. Orders are listed by the date you submitted the order. If there is more than one order detailed, please contact us to assist you in canceling the duplicate order.

I Am Unsure If The Order I Sent Has Gone Through?

Log in and click the Order History link in the dropdown menu to view your past orders. If there is an order there with the correct date, your order has been submitted successfully, if not, we have not received an order. You should also receive an order confirmation email shortly after the order is submitted.

Who Picks My Order?

A dedicated Personal Shopper handpicks your order. Personal Shoppers are staff members that have been trained to select products as if they were shopping for themselves or their own families.

How Is My Order Confirmed?

You will receive an Email confirming that your order has been received. This email will contain the following information:

Customer details
'Click&Collect' or Pick Up date & time
Customer service information
Items ordered & substitution -references, unit price, quantity and total price.
Payment Details

How Can I View My Previous Orders?

You can view previous orders by logging in, clicking the Account link and then Past Orders.


How Do I Pay For My Order?

Payment can be made by Credit or Debit Card. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover cards.

For more information please see our Terms & Conditions

How Do I Receive A Tax Invoice For My Order?

You will receive an e-mailed receipt as soon as your order is charged. For in-store pickup orders, that will also indicate that your order is ready for pickup. This receipt may be used for tax purposes.


Yes, Trig's To Go currently offers home delivery!

Yes, Trig's To Go currently offers limited delivery to addresses within the zip code of each of our store's locations, for assisted living or facilities with multiple deliveries for special needs. Please visit our online shopping page to locate your facility and follow any directions you have received to order for those locations. 

Effective 12/1/2022, our delivery services have been reinstated to a limited service area surrounding our stores to help our guests.  We continue to review this program due to the costs of fuel and labor shortages routinely to offer individuals the best delivery services for grocery orders possible. 

If you are a business or location that may require multiple deliveries for elderly or assisted living in one location, feel free to reach out to our guest services or store director to work on establishing delivery services as a 'co-op location.'

Click & Collect (Pickup)

What Are The Cut Off Times For Placing An Order?

You must place your order a minimum of two hours before you'd like to pick up your order, with some exceptions. Once you select the Pickup option during checkout, you will see all the pickup time slots currently available to be reserved.

When Will My Order Be Ready For Me To Collect?

Your Click&Collect order will be ready waiting for you at the selected store within the pick-up window you have selected.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

All orders must be paid online when you place your order. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards.

Your card will be pre-authorized for the estimated amount at the time you place your order. After your order is charged, the pre-authorization charge will be lifted and replaced with a real charge. In some cases, it may take up to 3 business days for the real charge to appear on your statement.

What Happens If I Am Running Late To Collect My Order?

To assist you further, by scheduling an alternative pick up time or informing the store of your estimated collection time, please call the TrigsToGo customer service for your preferred location:

Eagle River: 715-479-6411
Minocqua: 715-356-9456
Rhinelander: 715-369-1470
Tomahawk: 715-453-2174

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