Trig's 2022 TAS Awards

# Congratulations To Our 2022 Winners!

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The Solberg Award

Steve Heise
TAS Support Center

Excellence in Operations

Rebecca Jeffery
Trig’s Pharmacy – Rhinelander

Angie Miller
Trig’s Eagle River (individual image)

Liz Del Bosque
Trig’s Minocqua

Rich Kyska
Trig’s Minocqua

Andrew Kroening
Trig’s Minocqua

Dan Sauer
International Air Charters, Inc.

Darren Phillipich
Trig’s Eagle River

John Wakely
Trig’s Rhinelander

Karen Budish
TAS Support Center

Justin Mayer
Trig’s Minocqua

Lisa Mattes
Trig’s Pharmacy – Tomahawk

Peggy Jaskolski
TAS Support Center

Lynn Martin
TAS Support Center

Lisa Drivas
TAS Support Center (not pictured)


Leadership Training Completion

Ryan Barreau - Trig’s Tomahawk
Craig Carstenson - Trig's Tomahawk
Ashley Tessmer - Trig's Eagle River
Liz Del Bosqua - Trig's Minocqua
Teri Iacucci - Trig's Eagle River
Brandon Bennis - Trig's Rhinelander
John Wakely - Trig's Rhinelander
(Group Picture Only)

Outstanding Department Leader

Ashley Tessmer - Trig's Eagle River
Jill Tritz - Trig's Tomahawk
Shelly Omarro - Trig's Rhinelander
Laura Perket - Trig's Eagle River (not pictured)


Outstanding Business Leader

Mike White - TAS Support Center
Nate Weitz - TAS Support Center
Liz Gross - TAS Support Center


Excellence in Guest Service

Lea Peters - International Air Charters, LLC
Patti Pazera - Trig's Rhinelander
Amanda Webie - Trig's Tomahawk
Annalyn May - Trig's Eagle River
Jamie Paquet - Trig's Eagle River
Scott Dunberg - Trig's Eagle River
Michelle Paxton - Trig's Minocqua
Diane Wahlgren - Trig's Village Market
Becky Turchan - Trig's Tomahawk
Lisa Spulecki - Trig's Pharmacy - Tomahawk


Excellence in Servant Leadership

Sarah Goff
 Trig’s Minocqua

Michael Hammon
TAS Support Center

Russell Hackworthy
Trig’s Minocqua

Sheri Gaber
Tone Zone Fitness

Patricia Bennett
Trig’s Smokehouse


The Spark Award

Andie Lobermier
 Trig’s Eagle River

Shannon Keck
Trig's Minocqua

Mary Sprister
Trig’s Minocqua

Jodi Ruck
Trig's Rhinelander

Tami Somers
Signature Salon

Jason Bradley
Trig's Rhinelander

Zach Olds
Trig's Smokehouse

Ryan Barreau
Trig's Tomahawk

Sadie Gardner
Trig's Minocqua (not pictured)


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*Individuals not able to attend the award ceremony or shown in group photos.


Outstanding Business Partner

Lee's Painting


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