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# Become An Insider!

As an INSIDER you will be sent exclusive offers, event info, and coupons to be used in our Trig's stores. 

These offers may vary from a simple text message to a coupon which is stored in a mobile wallet for you to use at checkout!  Our goal is to provide valuable offers to our INSIDERS!

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Here’s how to sign up:

To join the program, you must follow these steps:

  • Step One - From your cell phone, create a text to this #:  844-228-3272
  • Step Two - Type Keyword Message:  TRIGS
  • Step Three :  Send Text Message
  • Step Four:   After you have sent the message wait (10) seconds as a text notification is sent back to you then, tap/push on the text back link and enter any information you are asked for (phone, name). This activates your mobile wallet and promotion, then tap/push “Enter Now” and you are routed into your mobile wallet that will hold offers available to you.
•NOTE: If you didn’t receive a text back notification follow steps 1-3 again.
One text notification is sent to you up to 4x/month refilling your wallet with new offers. All unused offers will self expire automatically based on their expiration dates and new offers will be loaded.

Mobile Wallet

Once you have opted in, you can tap the notification to store the link as an icon on your home page. This is your shortcut to your mobile wallet.  You can browse any INSIDER offers, select the one you would like to use and click the REDEEM button when you are at the checkout.  The offer/coupon will be scanned at that time.

Can I share an offer?

Yes!  We encourage it!  There are social share icons in the platform to help you do just that!

For more questions or information, please contact us.

Due to regulations, we cannot add you to the mobile club via this website form. Use this only for comments or questions. Thank you.

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Please do not use this form to sign up to receive our text offers. You must follow and complete the steps above from your mobile device to opt in.  Thank you!

Data Information & Notice 

All messages are standard rate; only message and data rates may apply. You may receive up to 4 text messages per month from an automated system for each keyword list you opt-in to as we grow our platform. To stop receiving messages text STOP as a reply to the text you received. For help, please use the form below.

Consent to receive texts is not required/condition of purchase. Featured items are redeemable while supplies last or as indicated in the offer. Trig's reserves the right to cancel the program at any time. Trig's and cell carriers are not liable for any delayed or undelivered messages.

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