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Eco Garden Systems Original Garden

The information below is for reference for our Eco-Garden owners. We apologize but the Eco-Gardens were a limited item and are no longer available for sale.

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Image of an assembled eco-garden system available at all Trig's locations


Eco-Garden System Specs

Product Information

Eco Garden Original Garden with our patented Air Gap platform and water reservoir. Integrated watering system with hoses and 10 sprinkler heads to maximize water coverage.

  • Just attach to a watering system and you are ready to go!
  • Overflow control to funnel off excess rainwater and protect your plants from drowning
  • Planting ready once assembled
  • Assembles in less than an hour
  • 10+ mounting spots for brackets, siding and other accessories
  • Connect multiple gardens to a single watering source for quickly expanded production.
  • Assemble garden, add the platform, add soil, connect to a water source and you are ready to grow!
  • Recommend adding 16 cubic feet of garden soil and 3 feet of peat moss (not included)
  • Recommend ordering a Seasonal Cover for your Original Garden.


Height: 39″
Width: 50″
Length: 74″
Weight: 233 pounds

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