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Keeping You Healthy Is Our Goal

Know Your Numbers is our healthy initiative to help you understand and know key health indicators so you stay free of illness or diseases. Each month we focus on a topic that is important for individuals to learn and monitor.  As your local provider and link to your primary care providers, we are here as a resource and to help you manage health conditions. You can speak to any of our pharmacists with questions; stop by when you fill/pick up your prescription or give us a call.  

Download any of the monthly health awareness guides below.

Download your January Know Your Numbers Cholesterol Awareness Guide.

Cholesterol Education Month

Download your February Know Your Numbers Heart Health Guide.

Heart Health Month

Download your March Know Your Numbers Nutritional Awareness Guide.

Nutritional Awareness Month

Download your April Know Your Numbers Prescription Drug Take Back Guide.

Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Download your May Know Your Numbers Stroke Awareness Guide.

Stroke Awareness Month

Download your June Know Your Numbers Men's Health Guide.

Men's Health Goals

Download your July Know Your Numbers UV Safety Guide.

UV Safety Month

Download your August Know Your Numbers Medication Adherence Guide.

Medication Adherence Month

Download your September Know Your Numbers Vaccine Reference Guide.

Immunization Awareness Month

Download your June Know Your Numbers Breast Cancer Awareness Guide.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Download your June Know Your Numbers Diabetes Awareness Guide.

American Diabetes Month

Download your December Know Your Numbers Mental Health Awareness Guide.

Mental Health Awareness Month

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